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28 September 2012

Henderson Cisz - Limited Edition City Living Book Gift Set

Henderson Cisz - City Living Book Gift Set
Limited Edition Book Gift Set of 595

Includes 4 mounted limited edition colour prints of London, New York, Paris and Venice
Image Size - 8" X 8" (20cm X 20cm)
and a certificate of authentication.

London-based Brazilian Henderson Cisz is a globally renowned artist, acclaimed for his paintings of the modern cityscape. He has a distinctive talent for recreating the spirit of whichever location he paints. Included in his inspirational works are scenes of popular tourist spots in London, Paris, Venice and New York.
Henderson Cisz was born in 1960 in Brazil and during his growing years, he lived in a small village called Mandaguacu which is in close proximity to Maringa. Though it was clear from a young age that Henderson had a gift for painting, the artist at that time didn't think of making it his vocation. He instead pursued a career in banking bank whilst continuing to paint for pleasure.
Midway through the 1980s, Henderson was convinced of his preference and passion for art. His relocation to London in 1986 to learn painting was probably the start of a full-time dedication to painting. Henderson is a seasoned traveller and loves globetrotting and urban life. He has travelled to Europe, South America, and Australia. His nomadic past has influenced not just his lifestyle but also his artwork. Henderson enjoys painting the variety and drama of urban life. In fact, he is recognised as the international artist of urban style.
Henderson paints in oil, watercolour or acrylic on canvas, aided by numerous photographs he has captured of each location. His powerful, stylish interpretations capture the unique personality, vitality and pace of each place. Henderson's painting style is uninhibited, and uses soft, cool tones to put across the right atmosphere. The impact of weather on the look of the urban environment is something which Henderson loves and brings out in his works. Henderson says these words about rain, the effect of which he really likes: "Not only does it cast interesting shadows and reflections on the slick sidewalks, but it also dictates the stance of the figures. Their slightly defensive postures and hunched shoulders lend a very specific, and to my mind curiously engaging, mood to the overall scene." Henderson considers the ocean to be a spring of happiness and inspiration.
"Paris en Nuit," "Whitehall, London," "New York, New York," "Yellow Cab," and "San Francisco Dawn," and "Street Scene, Paris" are some of the works in his 'Urban Style' collection.
When not travelling, Henderson Cisz passes most of his time working in his chaotic London studio, the wall of which bears disorderly spatters of paint. He has been fortunate to get such titles as Best Up and Coming Artist, Artist of the Year, and Best-selling Artist. In the Art Business Today Best-Selling Images Poll 2007 sponsored by EPSON, he garnered the top position. His paintings are a regular sight at both London galleries and global art fairs.

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