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1 March 2011

Terry Bradley at Smart Art Galleries

Terry Bradley - Showgirls

Born in Belfast in 1965, Terry Bradley has been pursuing his dream of becoming an artist from his youth.

He started to paint full-time in the mid 90s, focusing his eye on strong confident women, a subject matter he continues to find compelling and inspiring.

Many of these women are taken from the modelling and fashion world which Terry mixed in during his early years in Dublin and this gives him a unique place in Irish modern art.

Through the years his work has continue to evolve and he captures the surroundings of an evening out or a model pose beautifully. The work is sharp and creative and the painter’s ability to deliver canvasses of true quality is a testament to his talent.

Terry does not rest on his laurels, he is a risk taker who delivers work of profound beauty and captures the character of his subjects with subtlety and respect, but without losing their reality.

Terry’s work is held in many private collections both in Ireland and abroad and this series will bring this emerging talent many new fans and admirers. An artist only develops by learning and watching what goes on around him and the passage of time shows that Terry is not only a good student but also a very keen observer. The future holds no fear for a person of vision and certainly Terry Bradley has this in abundance.

Despite being established for many years now Terry himself feels he is just starting out and his work is going from strength to strength.

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