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9 April 2011

Rolf Harris - Fine art Canvases - Limited Edition Prints - Smart Art Galleries.

Rolf Harris - Fine art Canvases - Limited Edition Prints - Smart Art Galleries.

"Dry Country"

This is a spectacular country in one of the driest parts of Australia where the rocks seem to have a blue surface staining to them - they look incredible. The country is so sparse and barren that it can't be farmed and the only trees that will grow are these - affectionately known as parachute trees. They have lots of tiny branches supporting a leafy canopy - hence the name.

Canvas Edition of 195 - Framed


canvas size 1: 44"x27"

This is in Harvey in Western Australia. The sun had set behind me, leaving everything in deep shade. But the sunlight was still hitting the bank of the trees high up in the distance, lighting up to such a brilliant orange that they look for all the world like a far-off bush fire. I did all the foreground, sketched in the bright orange background and then began to put in the mass of branches at the top. Then I started to think about what my old teacher and mentor Hayward Veal told me. He'd suggested that instead of trying to paint trees and branches on top of the sky colour, you paint everything dark, then put the sky and the spaces in between to reveal the trees and branches. I followed his advice and it worked.

Canvas Edition of 195 - Framed


canvas size 1: 28"x40"

I illustrated the side of a grand piano for DeMontfort Fine Art, with a long complex scene partly made up from my head, partly inspired by photos of country scenes from Northern New South Wales. These photographs showed a very green landscape, but I had in mind a parches, dry scene mainly composed of reds and oranges. When I had finished it, I really loved it so much that I immediately coated a long canvas with orange paint so I could have the pleasure again of painting a similar scene, but in a more right-angled oblong shape. As I eventually got around to working on it, the excitement of painting the scene on the piano was long months away, but as soon as I started, the thrill was there again. I hadn't realised that the piano was much longer than my canvas, and so couldn't duplicate the piano work of art. It was of necessity, shorter, but I think, exactly as much fun to paint. I don't think it would have worked as well had I made all the paddocks green instead of orangey-red.

Canvas Edition of 195 - Framed


canvas size: 49"x19"

Many years ago, when TVAM was operating, I arranged for them to hang a huge sheet of photographic paper in their studio so that I could do a demonstration painting of a snowscene for the TV cameras. I'd done all sorts of preliminary sketches of snow scenes, tree and building covered in snow, and went ahead and painted a 9 foot by 12 foot scene. It was thrilling to do, using all the different pots of paint and the 4 inch house painting brushes. I took a photo of the end result and have kept it ever since. The original painting was scrapped. Well, what can you do with something that huge in fairly flimsy paper? Just recently I unearthed my old photo and was inspired to paint it again, but this time in oil, and at a more sensible size.

Canvas Edition of 195 - Framed


canvas size: 40x20"

This was inspired by seeing a magazine photograph advertising some fragrance or other. I loved the image so much that I subtly changed the whole thing and advanced the time of day so it was suddenly dusk with various lights lit up. I put a figure right up at the front of the painting, obviously viewed from above, so that the viewer feels that he or she is up in the air, suspended at about the level of the main lamp.

Canvas Edition of 195 - Framed


canvas size 1: 30"x20"

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