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12 April 2011

Rolf Harris - Bush Sunset Limited Edition Giclée Print

Rolf Harris - "Bush Sunset"

This is in Harvey in Western Australia. The sun had set behind me, leaving everything in deep shade. But the sunlight was still hitting the bank of the trees high up in the distance, lighting up to such a brilliant orange that they look for all the world like a far-off bush fire. I did all the foreground, sketched in the bright orange background and then began to put in the mass of branches at the top. Then I started to think about what my old teacher and mentor Hayward Veal told me. He'd suggested that instead of trying to paint trees and branches on top of the sky colour, you paint everything dark, then put the sky and the spaces in between to reveal the trees and branches. I followed his advice and it worked.

Canvas Edition of 195 - Framed


canvas size 1: 28"x40"

Available from our gallery or here online.

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